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BS Season 2010 – July Pt.1 – After the Win

After the gold medal at Summer Splash, the team became a bit more confident ..actually maybe a bit too confident. Samie had to put them back on earth and decided to put a bucket behind the boat, made things very very tough. That training after the win was painful for everyone. It wasn’t time to …

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BS Season 2010 – June Pt.5 – Bungee Jumping

Part of the team (King, Steph W, Pui-Sum, Isabelle, Zi Zi, Ed) goes bungee jumping… [tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”203B36884A22D4F5″]

BS Season 2010 – June Pt.4 – Summer Splash Day

Summer Splash Day Okay.. you have no idea how many we were! for a competition of 20 teams, had a gigantic crew of bananas, suited up with our gorgeous new dry fits, our pretty pretty hoodies. Stephy and Lawrence were proudly wearing their yellow hoodies. Everyone was getting ready.. Amalo was still stressed out..” Where …

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BS Season 2010 – June Pt.3 – Getting ready for the League

Samie was trying to figure out how to charge the BBQ event, should it be 5$ or 15$? she was sitting at the lab with Sarah. While Sarah was looking up Parachute prices for her friend’s wedding. Merica was wondering how can some other team possibly charge 5$ for all you can eat BBQ plus …

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BS Season 2010 – June Pt.2 – Still Adapting

“Who breaks paddles? Bananaship! Who breaks records? Bananaship! Who breaks hearts? Allan!” The rookies didn’t know who Allan was…and somehow for some reason it slowly became “Who breaks hearts? ED!” Xiao’s reaction was “WTF?” Amalo was getting a little nervous, she couldn’t wait to cash in those league members! Stephy invited a whole bunch of …

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