BS Season 2010 – June Pt.4 – Summer Splash Day

Summer Splash Day

Okay.. you have no idea how many we were! for a competition of 20 teams, had a gigantic crew of bananas, suited up with our gorgeous new dry fits, our pretty pretty hoodies. Stephy and Lawrence were proudly wearing their yellow hoodies.
Everyone was getting ready.. Amalo was still stressed out..” Where the hell are those people?? are they even coming??? Why are they late!”

For many of the members, it was their first competition… after the first race.. everyone got very excited because BananaShip was ranked 1st. OMG!!! we have hope for Ottawa!! Samie was actually clueless about the rankings until Merica told her.

Uh oh! the finals are coming! Bubble Gum is racing against Extreme! OMG!!! Allan and Merica both steered and were stressed out about catching the flag. Actually Stephy was stressed out because she was the drummer. Bubble Gum had such a blast! including the many zig zags on the 6th lane and finally have Stephy catch the flag proudly!

It was time for the competitive team to go… uh oh.. butterflies in the stomach.. Samie was almost fainting… Steph W and Sarah decided to give her a cookie so that she loads up on sugar and scream her lungs out. Everyone was really stressed out because we were in Final A! Everyone lined up waiting to see who will win…

Jennifer Sakai – our biggest fan was our super drummer, her and Samie tried to get as close to the flag as possible to pick it up! Super fast boat, Jennifer picked up the red flag and waved it. We all sang Wavin’ Flag again! Whatever the results were, we were just really proud.

But that’s not true.. we wanted to know the results. Some people say other teams dropped their flags, there was hope.. hope..

Samie and Merica were panicking… AHH!!! Sunny came by and told Samie and Merica to turn away from the crowd. and he said.. “shhh you guys tell your gang to stay okay?” Merica and Samie asked WHY??? and Sunny pointed out his finger saying we won number 1.
Merica and Samie had a very hard time keeping a secret.. especially Samie. She couldn’t stand it and went to the van to see Sarah and Allan to tell them. opps.. heheh

The entire crowd was waiting, they were told there were assured something, just don’t know what. When Dan announced the 3rd place and it wasn’t BananaShip, everyone went crazy! Little Helen and Britt just said ” We’ll take it! We’ll take it!, We’ll take 2nd place!”

Unfortunately.. 2nd place wasn’t BananaShip either! Everyone jumped up and ran to the podium.. the rest.. you can view it on youtube video.

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