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Beginning in 2006, BananaShip was a vessel for its members to experience a unique and exciting water sport of Chinese heritage as well as allowing out-of-town students to take part in one of the many big events taking place during the Montreal summer. Now over 10 years later, BananaShip consists of students and young adults from in and around Montreal. Training sessions are held weekly with our efforts focusing on local competitions, such as the Montreal Challenge.

Our mission is to provide a refreshing dragonboat experience to students within Montreal. The sport of dragonboat consists of 20 paddlers positioned in a long narrow boat carrying a dragon head in the front and a tail in the back. During the races the paddlers work together in synchronized motions, following the rhythm of a beating drum to move the boat forward. In BananaShip, members learn skills valuable for personal and professional success; organization, leadership, communication skills and many more but most importantly team-work.
“This Ship is Bananas: B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”