BS Season 2010 – June Pt.3 – Getting ready for the League

Samie was trying to figure out how to charge the BBQ event, should it be 5$ or 15$? she was sitting at the lab with Sarah. While Sarah was looking up Parachute prices for her friend’s wedding. Merica was wondering how can some other team possibly charge 5$ for all you can eat BBQ plus dragonboat practice? … Sarah came up with.. BBQ Extravaganza! Samie agreed and made a poster about it.

Tak suggested we could have project B band at the BBQ, Tony was up for it too! and King was happy to ask his dance crew to perform at the event for us.

Before the BBQ, Allan and Samie went to pick up the shirts. Oh yeah, 3 days earlier Samie was going nuts, because printing guy made a mistake… She was counting her life on it. How would it be like? A competition without BananaShip exposure. She begged printing guy to rush it for her and she succeeded. Allan picked up BBQ tools, Merica passed by IGA, Amanda was finding salad dressing at Costco.. we were all complaining about how the veggie burgers were expensive!

BBQ was fun, … well it was a late night, we were tired. The hoodies looked great! everyone received their apparel and Phil was sad because he didn’t order a hoodie.

Time to head home, we will all meet here tomorrow morning at 7am!

And also… Ed, Candy, Isabelle brought a cake for the Coach Samie’s birthday!

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