BS Season 2010 – June Pt.2 – Still Adapting

“Who breaks paddles? Bananaship! Who breaks records? Bananaship! Who breaks hearts? Allan!”

The rookies didn’t know who Allan was…and somehow for some reason it slowly became “Who breaks hearts? ED!” Xiao’s reaction was “WTF?”

Amalo was getting a little nervous, she couldn’t wait to cash in those league members! Stephy invited a whole bunch of her friends. The League was working out well. Andrew brought in some very strong people.

First day of League, it was pouring rain, Amalo went to Samie and asked if we should do it. They decided to go for it man! Then they ran out and Samie splashed Isabelle by jumping onto a puddle.

We were told from Summer Splash that if we send in our registration early we could have a chance to go to Ottawa festival for free! Merica, Allan, and Samie were too excited. They handed in 3 teams and waited for the results. At the H2O competition Dan- the organizer of Summer Splash did the draw. Jennifer Sakai – our biggest fan and her 2 friends represented us at the draw. The results?… everyone was waiting at home, Allan and Merica couldn’t stop texting Sunny – our second biggest fan to know the results. Sunny ran down to see what was going on. Verdun Impact won the draw… it was quite a statistical drama, considering there were 5 teams in total and we had 3 of them. Oh well… better luck next time.

We found out later on that we had to win first place in Summer Splash to get the next year’s Ottawa Festival.. Oh boy! How will that happen?

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