BS Season 2010 – June Pt.1 – Arahova Night

On a sunday morning, BananaShip had their land training. Samie also had to coach for Champlain college that afternoon.
Merica, Ed jumped into the boat with other Champlain kids. What a way to recruit! There were quite a few fit people, Samie started sweet talking them into joining BananaShip.

After the event, Merica, Tak and Samie presented to the crowd and asked them to sign up if they are interested in getting into dragonboat.
Brittany Connell- Britt, and Izzadmaher Satoudian-Izzy came by and said they were interested. We exchanged phone numbers and see you at the next BananaShip training!

Britt called Samie to see where the Arahova event was, she walked into the room and did not know a single person. Phil was the first person she got acquainted with. At Sharx, Phil brought Britt back to the metro.. that’s where gossip starts!

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