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It Finally Happened! We’re Back!!!!!!!

Thanks to modern medicine, BananaShip is back on the water! With some social distancing in the boat mind you. We’re a bit rusty, out of sync and overly sore, but what a terrific feeling getting the band back together again. Practices will be held twice a week (Monday, Wednesday at 7:30pm, Max 10 in a …

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A Little Fun Under the Sun

On a beautiful June day, a few Bananas got together to bike around the island. And yes, there was ice cream! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe we can get on a boat soon? Some photos from today

Stay Healthy, We’ll Be Back!

As everyone figured out by now, 2020 isn’t happening because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that won’t stop BananaShip as we continue our shenanigans online đŸ™‚ Stay safe everyone! We’ll still be there when this is over!

Quebec Cup 2019 Results

Quebec Cup (September 14-15, 2019) CommunityDivision BananaShip Heat 1(500m) 5th /6(02:21.88) Final 1(500m) Final D: 2nd /6(02:19.87) Heat 2(200m) 2nd /6(00:55.24) Final 2(200m) Final A: 7th /7(00:56.58) Final 3(2000m) Final B: 1st /16(11:54.09 +10sec penalty)

Montreal Challenge 2019 Results

Montreal Challenge 2019 (July 2019) Community Division BananaShip Race 7 (500m) 3rd /5 (02:23.01) Race 24 (500m) Mixed Final D: 2nd /6 (02:22.16) Race 85 (200m) Mixed Final D: 1st /6 (00:55.29) Race 98 (2000m) Mixed Final B: 6th /11 (11:36.36)