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Stay Healthy, We’ll Be Back!

As everyone figured out by now, 2020 isn’t happening because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that won’t stop BananaShip as we continue our shenanigans online đŸ™‚ Stay safe everyone! We’ll still be there when this is over!

Quebec Cup 2019 Results

Quebec Cup (September 14-15, 2019) CommunityDivision BananaShip Heat 1(500m) 5th /6(02:21.88) Final 1(500m) Final D: 2nd /6(02:19.87) Heat 2(200m) 2nd /6(00:55.24) Final 2(200m) Final A: 7th /7(00:56.58) Final 3(2000m) Final B: 1st /16(11:54.09 +10sec penalty)

Montreal Challenge 2019 Results

Montreal Challenge 2019 (July 2019) Community Division BananaShip Race 7 (500m) 3rd /5 (02:23.01) Race 24 (500m) Mixed Final D: 2nd /6 (02:22.16) Race 85 (200m) Mixed Final D: 1st /6 (00:55.29) Race 98 (2000m) Mixed Final B: 6th /11 (11:36.36)

New Season, New Shirts, New Bling 🥇🥈

What a way to start the 2019 season at Montreal Challenge! It was a pouring start to the weekend on Saturday, but after the clouds cleared, we couldn’t ask for better sunshine. For the 2019 Challenge, BananaShip managed to snag, not one, but two medals! Earning 2nd Place in the 500m distance, and then powering …

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Quebec Cup 2018 Results

Quebec Cup (September 15-16, 2018) CommunityDivision BananaShip Heat 1(500m) 3rd /6(02:18.07) Final 1(500m) Final A: 5th /7(02:17.55) Heat 2(200m) 1st /5(00:53.65) Final 2(200m) Final A: 4th /6(00:54.85) Final 3(2000m) Final A: 10th /15(11:50.60 +5sec penalty)