BS Season 2011 – March Pt.3 – Sugar Shack

Stephanie W, Stephanie Shiao, Xiao, King, Sheldon, Zeshan, Phil, Merica, Amanda, Tak and Samie from BananaShip went to a sugar shack trip. The highlight of that trip was definitely the “epic snow ball fight”.. although.. King and Merica certainly had a shield. Xiao used Stefy as his shield while Zeshan put her to use.

Sheldon, our photographer was able to capture the essence and energy of every moment. Impeccable! Great job.. beautiful LENSE! Sheldon took a sequence of pictures of someone getting hit by a snowball.. as Xiao said.. if you get 24, you can make it a video.

Courtesy Photos of Sheldon’s friend Jolie, of course, we hope she will be joining us for Season 2011 :). Both Great photographers. and… let’s keep our gossipy questions for spring!

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    • Stephanie on March 17, 2011 at 9:04 pm
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    That was an epic llaama

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