BS Season 2011 – March Pt.2 – Drummer Audition!

A great drummer who’s alert on a boat is definitely a great asset to any dragonboat team. Just look at our favorite competitive team drummer Jennifer Sakai- Moo. She made a difference when she pulled the flag extra fast and gave us the win!

We’ve decided to ask professional singers, experienced drummers to be guest judges at our BananaShip 2011 AUDITION! Judge list will be revealed next!

” So you think you can DRUM? ”
Selected drummers are invited to our BBQ Extravaganza Event, and will help us drum for our League Teams during Summer Splash Competition and of course, receive a signature BananaShip T-Shirt!

Email us at with the title ” Drummer Audition “.

Be part of the BananaShip Experience this summer!


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