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BananaShip does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

We were nominated by Typhon Dragon Boat Team for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! And we hate to disappoint. Thanks for the nomination, and we pass on the next challenge to H2oplayground and Dan Levine of Montreal Summer Splash! Check it out!     And thank you for those who generously offered their lunch money …

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BananaShip July 2014 Promo

It’s been awhile since we had a video. So in anticipation for this weekend’s big event, the Montreal Challenge, here’s a promo that our computer wiz, Ed whipped up. Nothing gets us pumped like nostalgia clips. Credits to Ed Nguyen

BS Season 2012 – August – Rawdon

It’s the first time BananaShip raced in an event outside the city! And how did we do? 2nd Overall!Complementary champagne for the podium! Had a little technical difficulty with that bottle 😉

BS Season 2012 – April Pt.2 – Why Am I a Good BananaShip Member?

5 of our paddlers bravely volunteered to give a few words as to why they believe they are a “Good” BananaShip Member. (And hopefully earn some bonus points towards being team captain) Give it up for our athletes: King, Chloe, Ed N, John & Izzy! [tubepress mode=”playlist” orderBy=”position” playlistValue=”PLFA7615C08CAADFD3″]

The Ultimate BananaShip Season 2012

Two weeks until the start of the new season! Here’s a quick peek into what you can expect as the club prepares towards its 6th season. 40 Paddlers, 2 Competing Teams, 1 Club