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BS Season 2012 – August – Rawdon

It’s the first time BananaShip raced in an event outside the city! And how did we do? 2nd Overall!Complementary champagne for the podium! Had a little technical difficulty with that bottle 😉

BS Season 2012 – May Week 2 – 2000m Challenge

Week 2 – Challenge #1 (May 6 to May 12) His Majesty’s BananaShip called for victory with a time of 12:03 in their 2000m race. While Bananaship All-Stars were close behind with 12:40. James Vu has been booted out as captain of All-Stars! In a big turn of events, Yu Wai was voted captain outvoting …

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BS Season 2012 – May Week 1 – “Mingle Mingle”

Week 1 – Mingle Mingle (April 29 – May 5) Today was Amalo’s birthday, we threw her a surprise with the girls near the weight room, and the boys hiding in the locker room. She was told the women’s locker had been infested. Land training was made of 7 stations; Burp..Burp..Burpees, Bleep Test, Wacky Jacks, …

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BS Season 2012 – April Pt.2 – Why Am I a Good BananaShip Member?

5 of our paddlers bravely volunteered to give a few words as to why they believe they are a “Good” BananaShip Member. (And hopefully earn some bonus points towards being team captain) Give it up for our athletes: King, Chloe, Ed N, John & Izzy! [tubepress mode=”playlist” orderBy=”position” playlistValue=”PLFA7615C08CAADFD3″]

BS Season 2012 – April – 2nd Annual Club Sugar Shack

Spring has arrived! Time for the Bananas to gather after their long winter snooze. This year, we went to La Grillade in St-Alphonse, where the club indulged in delicious frenzy-inducing, maple-bathed delights. As usual, you can expect the Bananas to be a wild bunch! And of course, here are the obligatory photo uploads.