Category: BS Season 2024

BananaShip @ Montreal Challenge 2024

What a wild weekend – BananaShip reached the podium 5 times! Placing 3rd in the community 500m final, and 2nd in the 2000m! Our boys at Super BananaBros took 2nd place in both the 500m & 200m open final, and took the gold for the open 2000m! Formidable! Race results will be uploaded, but can …

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Lachine Knockout 2024

Lachine Knockout 2024 (June 8, 2024) CommunityDivision BananaShip Race 9(200m) 3rd /5(00:55.99) Race 28(200m) Semi-Final A/B: 2nd /5(00:57.58) Race 46(200m) Mixed Final A: 1st /5(00:57.46)

H2O Open 2024 Results

H2O Open 2024 (May, 2025) Community Mixed BananaShip Heat 1 (500m): 2nd (2:17.30) Final A (500m): 3rd (2:15.47) Final A (1000m): 5th (05:42.13)     Open Super BananaBros Heat 1 (500m): 2nd (2:19.71) Final A (500m): 1st (2:15.01) Final A (1000m): 1st (05:37.12)