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BS Season 2010 – May

Oh boy.. there are over 40 people attending today… What are we going to do? Samie asked Merica. There was a group of friends, one of them was very fit, but spoke way too much. His name is Pui Tak. Little Helen was running fast at the beep test, Phil couldn’t catch up to her. …

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BS Season 2010 – February

February Today was the team meeting, everyone worked through the BananaShip Case study. Michael had good ideas, Zeshan suggested to pick strawberries as a fundraiser. At the end of the meeting, we’ve decided we wanted to aim for high Intermediate this year. PROMO TIME  

BananaShip 2008 Season Recap

A big thanks to everyone in BananaShip for an outstanding performance at the 13th Annual Montreal International Dragonboat Race Festival. We managed to beat all expectations, shattered our personal bests and even managed to clinch 3rd place in the Intermediate 500m Final with only 0.11 seconds away from the gold. Very good for a self-coached …

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Montreal International Dragon Boat Race Festival 2006

3rd – Rookie E