BananaShip 2008 Season Recap

A big thanks to everyone in BananaShip for an outstanding performance at the 13th Annual Montreal International Dragonboat Race Festival.

We managed to beat all expectations, shattered our personal bests and even managed to clinch 3rd place in the Intermediate 500m Final with only 0.11 seconds away from the gold. Very good for a self-coached student team. It was by far the most successful ad satisfying Festival many of us has ever attended. Not to mention our jerseys also rocked! People actually wanted to buy them!

We had our shares of Ups & Downs, insane weather, free salad and it was all worth it. Congratulations BananaShip, we delivered our keg of Whoop Ass! On a little sad note, the MIDBRF concluded our 2008 season, however we finished it with a bang. A big thank you to our sponsors and supporters out there, we really appreciate it. To finish off, see you next Season in 2009, which training will be starting….next Sunday! See you then!

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