BS Season 2010 – May

Oh boy.. there are over 40 people attending today… What are we going to do? Samie asked Merica.
There was a group of friends, one of them was very fit, but spoke way too much. His name is Pui Tak. Little Helen was running fast at the beep test, Phil couldn’t catch up to her. Samie decided to put poker tokens at the end of the bassin and had people run to pick up a colored token to be ranked. There was also a big bag of candy, but no one found it, so Samie had to run back to pick her candies up.

Tough decisions.. what are we going to do? we have too many people, are we really making 2 teams? will it be Team A and Team B? Tak, Merica, Xiao and Samie were trying to figure it out in the hangar while Atiba was suggesting ideas. In the corner, was a new rookie, she was standing there from a distance listening to the organizers. We told her to join us, it was Sarah Winton. She was the new friend Samie brought in from her Msc program.

Okay, speech time! it was late and we had to conclude the night. Everyone was around, we told them they will have to work hard to get ranked and there will be two teams constantly changing. Then we brought up the League idea. When we asked who wanted to be captains Annie and Jenn Ji were waving all the way, it was hard to miss them.

Great first training.. but it was definitely going to be a heavy season for the organizers…

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