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Bananaship Practice 1 – 2022

Oh! what a feeling being back on the water. We now have our first practice under our belts. Gotta keep this momentum going all season. Looking good 😊

Our annual Sugar Shack

Better late than never!

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BS Season 2010 – June Pt.1 – Arahova Night

On a sunday morning, BananaShip had their land training. Samie also had to coach for Champlain college that afternoon. Merica, Ed jumped into the boat with other Champlain kids. What a way to recruit! There were quite a few fit people, Samie started sweet talking them into joining BananaShip. After the event, Merica, Tak and …

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BS Season 2010 – April

April Tak, Merica, Samie and Xiao sat at Dagwoods discussing strategy for this season. It sounds like we have more interest than we expected. How will everything work? We decided to make a big decision… we’ll go with dry fit shirts this year! One day, Samie finds a lightbulb, she spams everyone with the idea …

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