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Bananaship bike #3 2022

Bananaship biking 3 – DONE ✅Another successful event.We even merged forces father and son. When Bananaship and Shanghai associate meet. 💪Started out drizzling 🌧 but ended up a beautiful day ☀️ . Some of us even ended up supporting H2O Open 🛶 🤩

Bananaship Practice 1 – 2022

Oh! what a feeling being back on the water. We now have our first practice under our belts. Gotta keep this momentum going all season. Looking good 😊

Bananaship Biking #1

First one for the season. Beautiful day, new bikes, good friends, nice views and of course good food.

Our annual Sugar Shack

Better late than never!

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Indoors practice is done ! ✅

Good job guys! Indoor practices is done ✅. Time to put what we learned indoors, out on the water. Can’t wait to see what you guys are made of this season! If you’re looking for something fun this summer. We’re still recruiting.