BS Season 2010 – July Pt.1 – After the Win

After the gold medal at Summer Splash, the team became a bit more confident ..actually maybe a bit too confident. Samie had to put them back on earth and decided to put a bucket behind the boat, made things very very tough. That training after the win was painful for everyone. It wasn’t time to slack off.. July’s Montreal Festival was our biggest worry. Although most of the team were rookies and did not know how big Montreal Festival was compared to the Summer Splash.

Xiao, Merica, Allan, Amalo and Samie had a talk, we were worried we would become a team with drama, group separations. The stress was brought into the next few sessions, It was worrisome, the 5 weren’t feeling too well. Most importantly.. team selection was a big problem, everyone wanted to be on the Competitive team but Samie had to choose based on the techniques, the attitude and the team spirit each member had. She was having a lot of trouble figuring out the roster with weights, heights, strengths and how to make the fastest team possible.

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