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BS Season 2010 – December – Annual Dinner

It’s the Annual BananaShip Dinner.. everyone looked great! We took over the entire FU Lam restaurant! It was a great night seeing everyone together again. Old gossip, Old drama.. Little Helen, Britt and Samie prepared secret christmas cards for everyone. Weee! It was our secret mission while Little Helen would take all the cantaloup and …

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BS Season 2010 – August – Last Stretches

Bananaship did very well during the season, 14 members stayed to be part of the 20KM challenge, but we were struggling with not having enough girls. Everyone was exhausted. The land trainings still held, but 20KM was unfortunately cancelled. Still, it was a milestone season and we had every reason to celebrate!

BS Season 2010 – July Pt.4 – Montreal Festival

All team members walked into the competition.. saying ” WOAH…!!” It wasn’t Summer Splash, it was 20x bigger. There were over 160 teams present from all over the world. The rookies were very excited but also very stressed out. Phil’s Femmes Fatales cheer was “Be a man!.. Do the right thing!” Razor Lemon cheered “Razor …

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BS Season 2010 – July Pt.3 – Hong Kong Cup

It was a quiet competition, not many teams yet. On a friday afternoon, everyone came, ready to roll. Amalo and Samie worked through the rosters, we didn’t know whether to use the competitive team and extreme team or simply play strategy and try to win as much cash as we can. We also found out …

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BS Season 2010 – July Pt.2 – Before the Big Competition

Sarah felt a little disconnected because she missed a couple of session due to work and school. She was really overwhelmed. Xiao, Merica, Britt and Samie decided to make a BBQ before Montreal Festival. That night, everyone seemed stressed out. It wasn’t like before anymore. Lawrence, King, Izzy, Sheldon, everyone was a little depressed, or …

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