BS Season 2010 – July Pt.4 – Montreal Festival

All team members walked into the competition.. saying ” WOAH…!!” It wasn’t Summer Splash, it was 20x bigger. There were over 160 teams present from all over the world. The rookies were very excited but also very stressed out.

Phil’s Femmes Fatales cheer was “Be a man!.. Do the right thing!”
Razor Lemon cheered “Razor Lemon! We’re full of…Vitamin G!”
And the rest, “This SHIP is BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”

Every year, the announcer cheers for us, this year was no exception. Atiba, Jennifer, Sunny, Dan, family, friends from everywhere came by to cheer for BananaShip.

In the qualification race of Competitive, we raced against DCH, one of the best teams in the festival. Samie lost control of the boat because of the wave that was sent to her. It was probably the first time her confidence got shook so much. Competitive was no longer able to get into Premier division. Samie got extremely scared because she had to get ready and steer for the men’s team.. on the exact same lane at the exact same place. Broke a dragon’s tail in the morning, she got run over by another boat in the afternoon, then lost control on her steer right after.. the day wasn’t going well at all.

Lawrence steered for Phil’s Femmes for the first time, he was nervous, but handled it extremely well. Especially in the 6th lane. The second he was able to do it, nothing was impossible. Merica steered the Extreme boat, surprisingly, Extreme’s level increased dramatically from the Summer Splash placing them in a solid Final B Rookie.

Sarah and Samie spent a night on the phone with Jennifer telling them how she should’ve tackled the wave and how to avoid it next time. It calmed Samie down but she was still very upset by her performance.

On the second day, it was time for the finals, All BananaShip teams were placed in Final B in intermediate and in rookie. There was a big chance of getting a medal and a trophy. Izzy, Sheldon, were very hyped up about winning the category, everyone was.

The day ended with Silver, Bronze. Gendered Teams were placed in the 50th percentiles.
Razor Lemon made it very very close to 3rd place, it was a photo finish.
Extreme was doing just so well, the energy was unforgettable. For the first time, there was really strong chemistry.

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