BS Season 2010 – July Pt.2 – Before the Big Competition

Sarah felt a little disconnected because she missed a couple of session due to work and school. She was really overwhelmed. Xiao, Merica, Britt and Samie decided to make a BBQ before Montreal Festival. That night, everyone seemed stressed out. It wasn’t like before anymore. Lawrence, King, Izzy, Sheldon, everyone was a little depressed, or nervous rather. There were expectations in the team, we won gold last time, so this time, there has to be something. Tatiana made a lot of cup cakes for everyone, it was yummy.

Helen, Samie and Xiao decided to make a flag for Bananaship, it was raining that day. Xiao was wearing running shoes and he was all wet!
The sun finally came up the moment we finished making the flag.

It was fun, except Britt wasn’t there with us. Helen and Britt became great buddies very quickly, they went to side walk sale and got themselves “I LOVE BS” tattoos and bought a random speaker. They also made a Banana trophy with the help of Britt’s aunt and her momma. The two always had cute ideas for BS. Just strange that Helen spoke french to Britt and Britt spoke english to Helen.

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