BS Season 2011 – May Pt.3 – 5th Year!

The first few weeks are always rocky, but things always work out for the best!

Amanda came back from Toronto, everyone is back, we are now overloaded with over 24 guys and making it to the 20 girls!!! This is incredibly exciting!

This season will be a blast! Especially as our 5th season! Even Celebrity Apprentice hasn’t made it this far! Stay tuned for some internal gossip starting next week. I will be sure to pay close attention to the “love” tension in the team and tell you about it! It usually starts with Phil crushes, or PT love…but now… wonder if there is anything real going on in the team!

Good luck to everyone who’s busy busy in school! CFA exams, wisdom teeth removals, summer classes… and to those students who are taking stats class this summer!

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