BS Season 2011 – May Pt.2 – Rocky Start of the Season!

Where to begin, the start of our 5th season has been extremely rough! Not the most joyful nor smoothest. Merica now has a job in St-Hyacinthe, a 2hrs to drive back to Montreal every week-end. Amanda had family matters, and was in Toronto for a few weeks. Lawrence, James, Tak are busy with school. Unfortunately, Allan won’t be coming back too often this year, he is stuck doing residency in Texas, Queensland, a land of 600 people with no technology, no communication for 8 weeks. Bucketman landed a job in Ottawa, Britt to Cuba, and Stephanie is getting her wisdom teeth taken out. (Ouch!)

That’s life as adults. What else happened… A lot of paddlers won’t be returning this season because of prior commitments; Jenn Ji will be in Boston for a summer internship, Victoria trekking,  and Tony PhDing… we hope they will come visit us.

Now enough with the negative energy! There was a positive twist to our rocky start. It wasn’t all bad! A LOT of old BANANAS came back!!! Natalie, Mary, David and a lot of new additions! By a lot we mean a WHOLE lot! Edward, Jorge, John, Guillaume, Raymond, Kathryn, Huy- Dang and many more! Welcome to BANANASHIP!

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