BS Season 2011 – May Pt.4 – Getting Ready for H2O Open!

We got a last minute call from Jimmy and turns out we were able to participate in a competition happening this Saturday! We had exactly one day to make up the roster and have all the people notified. 24 hours later… We have ourselves a full team! Overloaded too!

This season is going to be legendary, I’m saying this because we have a great executive team, Amanda is a great addition she’s very proactive and extremely bright. We also have a lot of help from the team, Izzy has been leading warm-ups, King is ready to train the league teams, Natalie will be helping out with bagging. I’m pretty sure we will bring it up a notch once again. In 2008, we made a new design to our T-shirts, that has become our signature T-shirt today. In 2009, the new captains kept it well with a lot of successful fundraisers. In 2010, we boomed! From just 1 team to 4; building not only BananaShip Competitive and Extreme, but also 2 gendered teams: Phil’s Femme Fatales and Razor Lemon 2.0 – the remake of “BananaShip 2007”.

What will we be adding this year? At the B-Shop, we are now selling sweatpants, duffle bags, sunshine and lapis hoodies, as well as our signature T-shirts. The club is excited to receive the apparel this year because we’ll be wearing everything proudly to Ottawa on June 17th.

Isabelle, King, Ed and a lot of other members have been working very hard in promoting our different events such as our BBQ Extravaganza: KABOOM! (June 22nd). Be sure to attend! Isabelle and Ed are doing a hot-dog eating contest! Oh boy, oh boy.

I’ll let you know about H2O Open, the rosters are set, and since it’s the first competition, I’d like us to start on the right foot and do well. For that, Friday’s going to be one very strict lesson to all the members. It’s time to get to work!

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