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That’s a wrap for 2021

Better late than never. Celebrating our 2021 accomplishments. The pandemic hit, but that didn’t stop us from getting back on the water. Good job! Now it’s time to show them how it’s done. 2022 here we come!

Quebec Cup 2021 Results

Quebec Cup (October 2, 2021) Mixed CommunityFull Boat BananaShip Heat 1(500m) 2nd /6(02:20.32) Final 1(500m) Final A: 5th /6(02:22.89) Heat 2(200m) 2nd /5(00:55.33) Final 2(200m) Final A: 5th /6(00:56.35) Overall 6th Place /15

It Finally Happened! We’re Back!!!!!!!

Thanks to modern medicine, BananaShip is back on the water! With some social distancing in the boat mind you. We’re a bit rusty, out of sync and overly sore, but what a terrific feeling getting the band back together again. Practices will be held twice a week (Monday, Wednesday at 7:30pm, Max 10 in a …

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A Little Fun Under the Sun

On a beautiful June day, a few Bananas got together to bike around the island. And yes, there was ice cream! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, maybe we can get on a boat soon? Some photos from today