BS Season 2011 – July Pt.2 – Montreal Festival Weekend

Day 1: We arrived at the basin Friday mid-day to compete in the Hong Kong Student Cup, which we won Silver last year. And new this year, there was also the Tourism Cup taking place in the 10’s boats. Quite exciting for the student teams that were there. BananaShip was placed in the B Final. Hoping to be the top team, you can imagine how disappointed we were. But we took the ranking in good stride, and dominated it, taking first by a long-shot in Final B of Student Cup.

Day 2: For many rookies, Saturday was their first chance to experience the festive atmosphere the Montreal Festival had to offer. Free sponsored pizza, free sponsored deodorant (yes, free deodorant) and lots of fun and games at the Nintendo and CTV tent. In the afternoon our resident dancers King & Raymond along with Project B performed for the crowd on the grand stage! Great day of races, stinky tofu, and mascots galore. By the end of the day, BananaShip Comp has finally reached Premier category, Extreme at top of the Rookie divisions. Razor Lemon has placed in Open D, and our Femmes in Women G.

Day 3: After a tiring two days of racing at the 16th Annual Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival, our boys dug deep on the third and final day to capture Razor Lemon’s first ever medals. Our Lemons commanded the 500m & 200m finals in the Open D division, raising BananaShip’s 2011 medal tally to 3. Our Femmes Fatales took home 2nd Place in the Women G division. BananaShip Comp had an uphill struggle, competing with some of the best teams at the fest in the Premier D category, placing 6th. Our Extreme team took 4th place in Rookie A! Overall, a great way to finish our last race of the season. What did we do to celebrate? By stuffing our faces with burger and poutine, pure gluttony!

Big thanks to Stefy’s parents for providing lunch and AutoKlaw for the cold refreshments during the weekend. We really appreciate it!

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