BS Season 2011 – February Pt.1 – The Executive Meeting

Amalo and Samie decided to start early this year, get everything fixed up for the new season!
They looked through internet and spent days setting up the budgets, leagues, new programs then got Allan, Merica to help out. We’ve also confirmed Tak will not return this season as the finance director. Britt and Samie started on the sponsorship letters, they were texting so much to end up realizing they were saying the same thing.

The executive meeting went by for a whole long long long day! James, Lawrence, Britt, Amanda, Merica, all sat down to review the finances, marketing, administration, to discuss everything and anything! Such a long day! Lawrence and Samie went downstairs to pick up pizza. Opps! we forgot Britt was allergic to tomatoes! She had to cut through the tomato.. “I’m used to it, don’t worry”.

Merica has a job now, he will be driving back every week-end.

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