BS Season 2011 – May Pt.5 – Night Before the First Competition

The weather was cold and very windy today! But the club surprisingly got almost two full boats in during practice! To say that we used to struggle waiting for only one boat to happen. The challenge has been brought up a notch now. The organizers are getting ready for tomorrow’s competition, our first appearance at the H2O Open. How will we do? We’ll do our best! Surprises are sure to come.

There were 3 new try-outs tonight, the team was quite distracted and stressed out because it was time to get serious. You really have to love competition and be able to take criticism to be on the team. A lot of veterans came back to visit us! It’s always great to see them back and see how much they’ve changed! From innocent newbies to today, giving back to the club and teaching the new generation how to paddle.

Let’s put it this way, our philosophy is first to have fun, gain leadership roles and maintain the club as a company. We are athletes, but also quite business oriented I must say. Winning competitions comes with team spirit, generosity and kindness to share with others.

What can I say more, this is a dream team and we made it! Great people helping each other to develop the sport! It’s very close to teaching a lifestyle. Whenever I get too tough into “winning & winning”, other members remind me that this is fun! I hope all goes well tomorrow; that we are silly, having a blast and ready to take a challenge as a team! Bring it on!

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