Summer Splash 2009 Recap

How are all you Bananas doing out there? Did you have a good time at Summer Splash? You guys were amazing throughout the competition, learning from your mistakes and correcting them as we went along. I’ve attached the results from the festival in my email. You may notice that we came close to our times from last year, even trimming our 100m record from 35.90 seconds to 35.58 seconds!

Now that you got a taste of what the competition is like, it’s time to prepare for the Montreal Dragon Boat Festival. Samie will do her best to make sure everyone will perform to the best they can on the boat. Take advantage of Mimi’s land trainings, as they will help increase your stamina and your level of fitness. You can also jog for 20-30 minutes a few times a week on your own time. Remember, dragon boat is a a team sport. It takes everyone to move the boat and any extra effort you make will help the team move it faster through the water.

Special thanks to Allan for coming all the way from Australia to help us out in our races, and Xiao for his unsurpassed ability to bring that extra power to our cheers, as well as the people who came out to cheer us on!

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