Inspiring Words…

“BananaShip is the most dynamic and well-organized student dragonboat club in Montreal.”
– Dan Levine, Co-Captain of Montreal Mix & Owner of Montreal Summer Splash.

“Bananaship has grown from 1 recreational student team to 4. Bananaship is a successful club at a time where clubs are losing paddlers, Bananaship focuses on youth involvement and is probably why the team has grown over the past year.”
– Jennifer Sakai (affectionately known as Moo), Co-Captain of Montreal Mix & our biggest fan.

“You did something which no one had done up to then: you made me feel like a member of the team….Even though I haven’t steered for you guys since two years ago, you haven’t forgotten about me. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have felt for this. I am proud of what you all accomplished. I am proud of the individuals who make up BANANASHIP. But most importantly, I am proud to call myself a member of BANANASHIP.”
– Atiba Layne, MIDBRF Coordinator

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