BS Season 2011 – June Pt.2 – Ottawa Festival Weekend

Ottawa Festival! For the first time in 5 years, BananaShip finally had a competition outside of Montreal. It was a eye opener for the team and it helped us all build a better chemistry. We arrived on Friday night at the Embassy Suite, 3 rooms, one boys room, one girls room and one mixed room.

Day 1 – Friday night was calm, Xiao’s car and Lawrence’s car left early, Merica, Tatiana and Mary’s cars came after work and arrived by 10pm.

Day 2 – Competition Day, we woke up at 5:15am, Phil flew in at 3:00am from Vancouver to join us, and the boys room woke up at 4:00am! Everyone was ready in the parking lot by 6:45am. Our first 500m race was judged as being “not so good” by the team, I personally thought it was alright, it was our first race in a different city, different water. We had a bad start, but we caught up well. During the second 500m, we discussed about the corrections to be made and shaved off 5 seconds of our time, I was happy about that. At the end of the day, we had a nice team dinner with Peking duck and a lot of T&T grocery. The team also got me an awesome gift! That was quite a surprise, although I did wonder why Pui Sum picked up a cake and when I asked her she just ran away from me. We had booze, the Stephs were obsessed with Palm Bay Pineapple vodka spritz. I have to admit they are pretty good.

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