BS Season 2011 – June Pt.1

Bananaship is coming in together very nicely. Today was really fun! we almost had a full boat of women! impressive! and they were really good and synchronized too. The men were having fun singing backstreet boys.. oh boy!

For Ottawa team? Hmm we’ll have to see, right now it seems just okay, there seems to be a lack of chemistry and a few obstacles for us to overcome but I’m positive it will come together when we get closer to the competition. For the Ottawa Team to become better, we will need more focus, the boat just didn’t seem to go as fast as expected or as controlled as I would’ve liked it to be. We still have time, so let’s keep working hard.

Overall the club is just doing so well! We might get get our gear ready for Ottawa and definitely ready for Summer Splash.

I’m a little worried about the League event this year, but we’ll have at least 3 teams so it’s okay.

Bananaship will collaborating with Paddle for the cure to form Phil’s Femmes Fatales for Summer Splash! Can’t wait!

Hopefully we can get a few pics on sunday!

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