BananaShip 2009 Season Recap

First of all, I’d like to say Thank You for joining Bananaship this year, It was a pleasure meeting with you! Despite my very little appearance because of the Festival work. Hope you enjoyed the Montreal Festival! Thank you to the captains, who have done a marvelous job in keeping the team together through fundraising, land-training and festival day races as well as practices.

In terms of ranking at the Festival, It was amazing! We were in the Intermediate F category, that means we have beaten all the Rookies as well as Intermediate G. BS was in Intermediate G last year with less team at the festival(183), compared to this year’s 198 teams. That means we were very good! Everytime I walk around and people talk about Bananaship, I am always proud to show it off that this is our team! The organizers, the other coaches, the audience all adore us! We have the most friends and family cheering for us because of our good attitude and competitive fairness. Not to mention Lookin’ good but also Kickin’ ass! And this is a reputation that has been made because of every single paddler in Bananaship!

This will be the 3rd year for Bananaship’s appearance at the Montreal Festival, as the season of dragonboat is ending… I hope we will stay in touch, it was a great pleasure meeting such an amazing people! I hope we will be all back next year to get to Intermediate A.

Again, THANK YOU for becoming a BANANA!

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