2013 End of Season Dinner

2013 – New venues, new faces, new leadership. How did this season’s Bananas fare? Well, if you’re a regular here, then you’ll know that our Extreme Team went above & beyond expectations! Give a well deserved pat on the back to our rookies who stepped up and helped with the land trainings. And as appreciated always, our veterans breaking the ice for our newbies. To summarize this summer, some emotional words from our 2013 “Never Give Up” winner, Dang. Pictures after these messages…

“It’s always difficult for me to end the season, as it also marks the end of summer.

I initially joined Bananaship to hang out with my friends. Every members of the BS family are the reason I go to practice and work out with. In fact, I love every single one of you.

I know this season was very hard for the captains with the new leadership. So I’d like to thanks Xiao Shen, James Vu and Edward Trinh for their amazing job all season. They’ve had a lot of work on their hands and I can’t be happier of the results.

I’d also like to thanks all rookies that joined this season. You guys clearly improved throughout the season and I loved seeing the progress you’ve all made. The team wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

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